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Another World


Dalhousie, New Brunswick
where the Restigouche River flows into the warm waters of the Bay of Chaleur. A timeless movement witnessed for millenia by the majestic Appalachian Mountain Range.



The Nitty Gritty Details
Schedule, offerings and excursions!

Advice on what to wear and what to bring to help you get the most out of this one of a kind Immersion!

Creating new worlds one word at a time
Writers Workshop, Dalhousie Writes, Writers Cultural Immersion
Dalhousie Writes, Writers Workshop

A leading edge offering, this experiential tourism event was created by members of Tourism New Brunswick, and two writing instructors from BC. When learners are exposed to different cultural ways, imagination is fired up, and when exposed to new and varied settings, inspiration is ignited. A 'perfect storm' combination for creativity. The Bay of Chaleur was chosen for its natural beauty, for the area's bilingualism and cultural mix, and for the residents' warm welcome and sense of inclusion. With Shawn and Patricia as your instructors, come prepared for learning in a fun atmosphere. They encourage you to contribute to the Anthology, a collection of participants' work for e-publishing. After a week of learning and practicing writing skills, interweaving your work with new experiences and imprints from NB's north shore, you'll have plenty of writing fuel in your backpack for inspired new approaches and beginnings. Certainly enough until ... the next Immersion takes place.

Dalhousie Writes: Writers' Workshop

Writers' Cultural Immersion

Cancelled for 2014
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